Ragtime Guitar Duets
– March & Two-step

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Masters of the
Ragtime Guitar

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Advanced Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques
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King Porter Stomp
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Fingerpicking Guitar Delights
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The Entertainer
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Cole Porter
”Delovely Guitar
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BOOKS - Mel Bay

MB 94082 Ragtime Guitar
Creole Belles-March&Two-step

MB 94505 Classic Ragtime Guitar Solos
Echoes From The Snowball Club
The Favorite

MB 95268 The Classic Rags of Scott Joplin
The Favorite
Something Doing

MB 95267 The Music of Jelly Roll Morton
Midnight Mama
Wild Man Blues
King Porter Stomp
Grandpa's Spells
Chicago Breakdown
Cannonball Blues
Mr. Jelly Lord
The Jelly Roll Blues
Dixie Knows
Sidewalk Blues
Kansas City Stomps
Milneburg Joys

MB94561 Complete Fingerstyle Guitar Book
Maple Leaf Rag

MB 99633 Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos
Temptation Rag

MB 99245 Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar
Buddy Bolden Blues
Creole Belles-march&two-step
Memphis Blues
Dixie Jass Band One-Step
Livery Stable Blues
Don't You Leave Me Here
Royal Garden Blues
Wild Cat Blues
Russian Rag
Jazz Me Blues
Muskrat Ramble
Tia Juana
Alligator Crawl
Feelin' My Way
Little Rock Getaway
Ain't Misbehavin'
Hong Kong Blues, July 2003

Lasse Johansson has created a memorable look at early jazz for fingerstyle guitar. This large paperback with accompanying CD will find a welcome home in any jazz musician's library for guitar! There are photographs in this book to accompany the music. One is of a young Ferdinand "Jelly-Roll" Morton. Another is of Louis Armstrong's Hot Five.

Introduction, biography, and techniques covering notation and tablature are included. Some of the music includes "Buddy Bolden Blues," "Wild Cat Blues," "Russian Rag," "Jazz Me Blues," "Muskrat Ramble," "Ain't Misbehaving,'" among others.

Lasse Johansson has put together a fine book, one that reveals to the guitarist what early jazz for fingerstyle guitar is all about. Highly recommended.

-Ian Zack (Acoustic Guitar Magazine)

Lasse Johansson, Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar. Lasse Johansson, a renowned Swedish-born fingerstyle guitarist and arranger, has put together 17 beautiful solo guitar transcriptions of jazz tunes from the first three decades of the 20th century, ranging from the slow blues of "Buddy Bolden Blues" to jazz classics like Fats Waller’s "Ain’t Misbehavin’" and Hoagy Carmichael’s "Hong Kong Blues", best known for it’s appearance in the Humphrey Bogart film To Have and Have Not. The arrangements are written in both standard notation and tablature and Johansson plays each piece on the accompanying CD. Given that Johansson’s influential ragtime and jazz recordings for Kicking Mule Records in the 70’s are all currently out of print, the CD alone is a great addition to a guitar-music library. As for learning to play the songs, which range from intermediate to advanced, a prior knowledge of alternating-bass fingerpicking is essential.

Arrangagements published in guitar magazines

Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
# 46 Temptation Rag
# 51 Eddie's Twister

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