2011 April, Stefan Grossman
Guitar legend Stefan Grossman gave a concert and workshop at Stallet in april.
The concert was packed and we had to limit the number of participants because of thehuge interest in attending his workshop.
A fitting end to the American roots project at Stallet.

2010 September 15, Duck Baker
Duck Baker was the first to come to STALLET and, since the future of this venue is uncertain, he'll probably also be the last. Duck presented us with a mix of Americana from fiddle tunes to jazz from Celtic songs to Africa all with impeccable touch and swing. The workshop on Saturday was an inspiration to all participants.

2009 November 19, Eric Lugosch
Very interesting fingerstyle player from Philadelphia making his first appearance in Stockholm.

2009 October 16 - 17, Jim Kweskin and
Geoff Muldaur
Legends of the jug band revival of the 60’s Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur will come to STALLET for a concert and workshop October 16-17. Jim is here for the first time but Geoff comes back for a second time after filling the house two years ago.

2009 May 8 - 9, Tom Paley
Founding member of legendary old-time band New Lost City Ramblers will give a concert at STALLET May 8 and a workshop the day after.

2008 April 4 - 8, Mike Dowling

Mike Dowling will return to STALLET April 4 for a concert and two workshops. A long workshop Friday april 4 to Monday april 7 and a four hour workshop Wednesday 18.00 – 21.00.

2007 September 28 - 29, Ernie Hawkins
Great ragtime-blues player and singer. Now we finally learned how rev. Gary Davis really played.

2007 May 11 – 12, Woody Mann.
”Spellbinding playing and singing”. – Woody does it again.

2006 September 29-30, Steve James & Del Rey
What a duo !! – the Root Music twins – Hot guitars and Cool songs.

2006 May 12 - 13, Geoff Muldaur
Geoff Muldaur visits STALLET in the spring of 2006. Extraordinary
bluesplayer and singer.

2005 November 9 - 10, Stephen Bennett
Flatpicking-fingerpicking Winfield Festival winner, comes to STALLET for a concert and a workshop
Flattop acoustic, National slide and harpguitar a treat not to be missed.

2005 April 22-23, Mary Flower
A great concert and a very much appreciated workshop. The Ragtime Gal proves her place among the top players and singers. Swedish national radio recorded the concert, as was done with John Renbourns concert earlier.

2004 October 29-30, John Renbourn
What a fantastic concert and workshop. The house was packed with an enthusiastic audience and so was the workshop.

An inspiring weekend with lots of new ideas and a musical input that went far beyond the regular alternating bass path of fingerstyle guitar..

2004 April 3-4 ,Mike Dowling
Roots music - blues, country, slide, fingerstyle, jazz. Whatever the style, fast or slow, technically brilliant or just basically down to earth, Mike's music shines with musicality.

And as a teacher he really filled the day with the very much appreciated musical insights that his life as guitarist, singer, arranger, composer and teacher has provided him with.

A truly great weekend for the concert audience and the participants of the seminar.

2003 - november 24, Tony McManus
Tony inspired us all with his talent and musicianship. A very exciting seminar with Celtic, and other, styles in different tunings and with some finger techniques that really challenged the player stuck in the boom-chick rut of alternating bass.

2003 - october 18-19,
Woody Mann & Duck Baker

The Woody Mann & Duck Baker concert and workshop was a great success. STALLET was friday packed with an enthusiastic audience and the maximum amount of 15 players had signed up for the workshop, the day after. An absolutely fantastic weekend of guitar playing and discussion.